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Touch a Truck


Hi, everyone! Sara here with Bifrost Marketing. While I usually write on behalf of On Time Capital, this is a special post from which I write from my own experience, having introduced the team at On Time Capital to it. I moved to Texas five years ago, and every year I take my children to Touch a Truck.

Touch a Truck is when the community comes together for a Memorial Day ceremony. We usually hear from a veteran who lost fellow combatants. There's strong sense of American pride and unity.

After the ceremony, everyone heads out to the trucks! Dump trucks, Macks, Kenworths, fire trucks, everyone brings out their trucks. Children are allowed to climb in, blow horns, and ask questions of the drivers.

Companies sponsor the event and give away free items. There are food trucks. Local organizations are there to raise awareness. A DJ is there, playing music and taking requests. Halfway through, the DJ places dance tunes, such as the Electric Slide and the Chicken Dance. There are bounce houses as well.

This year there was a special treat: trucks from the 1940's! The people who brought them even dressed in period costume.

Every year, my children look forward to Touch a Truck. My oldest is more interested in space, my middle child wants to be a firefighter, but my daughter absolutely loved the sleepers. She was born five weeks early and has stayed small all this time. To her, the sleepers are just her size, and she was delighted.

Consider contacting your city and asking about a Touch a Truck in your area. Check out our Instagram for pictures from the event, and tag us to let us see yours!

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