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Staffing Changes in 2018


We're a good ways into 2018 already, but it's amazing how much this year has completely changed how staffing and recruiting will work. With so many companies competing for each other, every little piece of information can help. We here at On Time Capital want to see you succeed, so we've assembled a few things for you to consider this year.

First, talk of salary is slowly being banned across the United States. Cities and states are hoping that by banning talk of salary, it will close the wage gap and prevent discrimination. Currently, employees can legally disclose their salaries with other employees, but the new laws will prevent them from discussing it with others, such as potential employers.

Secondly, as with most platforms, con artists have permeated the usual hunting grounds, such as or Companies spend money every month, only to find that their ideal employee isn't to be found in the many, many resumes, and that ideal employee can't find them in all the pyramid schemes.

Anyone can put something on a piece of paper and claim it's true, but we know actions speak louder than words. A trend just starting this year is the idea of treating as a recruiting platform. Every Amazon user has a profile and shows you what they've bought and left feedback on. If you're looking to hire someone, do a search for a nonfiction book on a related subject and read through the reviews.

As an example, let's say you want a great lawyer. You can do a search on great books and see which lawyers left feedback. Not only can you view their profile and learn more about them, but those who continually leave feedback on verified purchases shows that they're eager to remain up to date on legal matters and take the time to read books on the subject.

Next, email is slowly fading, and more companies are switching to text messages. We are an on-the-go nation, and people are spending less time to read a lengthy email and are more likely to respond to a quick text.

As states legalize marijuana use, more companies are choosing to remove testing from the hiring and employment process. Companies are finding that if the tests return positive, employees are able to claim it happened where it is legal, wasting time and money.

We live in an amazing age of information, and long-held misconceptions and myths are being dispelled, such as personality tests. While the ones you find on Facebook are obviously entertainment, there were some organizations that were unaware that any personality test -- including the famous Myers-Briggs and Jungian types -- were also just for entertainment and should not be taken seriously. As candidates become aware of this, they are able to sue if they are not hired or are pigeon-holed as a result of one of these tests.

Part of that age of information is so much of our activity is being recorded in ways many people are not yet aware. As our technology listens to what we say and do, it is providing targeted marketing. While this is great from a company standpoint, it has unfortunately led to a lot of awkward situations. Be sure to know what you can and cannot do based on ads seen on someone's computer.

What trends do you see this year? Did we miss something? What would you like to see in our next blog? Let us know!


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