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Songs for Truckers 2

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There are good songs, great songs, songs to improve your mood, and then there are a select few songs written just for truckers.

Brothers of the Highway – Tony Justice and Aaron Tippin. Children of the wind! This song was covered by George Strait.

Eastbound and Down - Jerry Reed. Borderline not family-friendly, so give it a listen before you play it for little ears.

First is Driving My Life Away by Eddie Rabbitt. Fun last name, but not a fun song. Even the title suggests that trucking is a sad affair. Really though, most people sit their life away; most of us just do it in a cubicle or at a desk. Truckers get to travel, see new places, and meet new people!

The Legend- Jerry Reed. A song that actually uses the term, "gear jammer." Instant winner.

Turn the Page -Bob Seger. Trucking song. Saxophone. No more words.

We apologize for this incredibly short post, but we got slammed with companies looking to grow! Our customers come first, so we hope you enjoy these songs, and we'll bring you the rest of the list some other time.

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