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Product Review - DriveWyze


*Please note that we are not being paid by Drivewyze in any way. We were made aware of it and thought it would benefit you to know.

Since we specialize in transportation (namely, truckers) we asked around to see what was important to them. We found a few priorities that came up repeatedly. They are:

1) Safety

2) Arrive quicker

3) Use less gas

4) Lower costs

We did some research and found a way to help with all four of those. It's an app called Drivewyze. It allows you to legally bypass scales and inspection sites, saving time, wear and tear, and fuel, which in turn lowers costs. We all know how expensive gas is! Which stations and how many you can bypass depend on your safety record.

The app can be installed on anything that uses an app so you don't need a transponder for it, though some users reported an issue with iOS. Another issue reported is that it is not fully usable in a few states. (You can keep track of it here) Although it relies on some data, it uses so little, it's almost nonexistent. One thing that keeps coming up is how easy it is to use.

Drivewyze gives you hands-free audible and visual notifications that an inspection site or a weight station is coming up, allowing you time to prepare and change lanes or bypass. If you choose to bypass, there is a feature estimating how much you saved through bypassing. Drivewyze worked with states to ensure that the notifications adhered to anti-distraction laws on both a state and federal level.

As Drivewyze becomes more popular, states are working to partner with it to provide safety alerts, such as a notice when you're entering a high rollover zone. Drivers who used Drivewyze drove safer with the alerts than those who drove without.

We're big on customer service, so we would never suggest an app that was lacking in that department. The customer service for Drivewyze is free, so even we who don't use it (we help you grow your company, not drive the trucks ourselves) were able to talk to them and ask our questions. Patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Just like us!

If it sounds familiar to you already, that could be because it's won multiple awards and is endorsed by some big names, including the American Trucking Association. It's growing faster than the competition and continually working to add more sites and improve itself.

There is a catch. It's about $16 a month to use. Users say that it pays for itself, but to be honest, we don't have any numbers for you. Someone did say that they switched from another service (we won't mention names) to this one and have liked it better and saved more money with it. The same person said Drivewyze works in places the competition did not. Another person said that it paid for itself in the first week of using it.

What it doesn't do: It does not track you, other than proximity to a weigh station or inspection site and how many you bypassed (so it can let you know how much you saved). It doesn't report your movements to law enforcement. It doesn't track your hours. It does not currently let you switch trucks, though they have said it's a feature they are working on.

Drivewyze is available through Google Play and the i App Store. Right now, they are offering a free, 30 day trial. If you refer a friend, they are offering an additional two months free.

If you have tried it or plan to try it, let us know! We'd love to hear more feedback. Email us at

PS: If you share your opinion with DriveWyze, they might share it, you, and your company on their website!

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