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Fascinating Places to Eat, Part 5

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We finally made it! Part five of our Fascinating Places to Eat series. We here at On Time Capital are especially excited about this one, because it's finally time to talk about Texas! Grab your laundry and let's dive in to ten more unique places to eat here in the United States.

Wall, South Dakota

Wall Drug

We're told you'll see signs for it miles before you even get close. Coffee is only five cents, the ice water is free, and they have a T-rex. We're told to try the maple donuts.

Nashville, Tennessee

Aquarium Restaurant

Enjoy seafood with a floor-to-ceiling, 200,000 gallon aquarium. And mermaids. No, really. They have mermaids. The mermaids come and go, so if you're planning a trip out there, try to schedule it accordingly.

College Station, Texas

Harvey Washbangers

Although a joke on Last Man Standing, this is a real place. Set your laundry to wash and dry, then grab a bite to eat while you wait. A light up board lets you know when your laundry is ready. Leave the quarters at home; these machines take debit and credit cards. Don't want to stick around? They'll actually do your laundry for you.

Park City and Solitude Ski Resorts, Utah

The Viking Yurt

You start your experience with a sleigh ride under the stars. Kick back and relax as your dinner is truly an experience to be enjoyed here, lasting four hours. It's only open during ski season and seats a select amount of people each night, so be sure to reserve a spot in advance!

Montpelier, Vermont

NECI - New England Culinary Institute

The next up-and-coming chef and award-winning instructors. You could eat from the next Anthony Bourdain or Gordan Ramsey!

Richmond, Virginia

Havana 59

Come visit the closet thing to Cuba outside of Cuba. Palm trees, Cuban decor, and salsa dancing. Be warned: we're told cigars are allowed.

Carnation, Washington

Bors Heded Inne

Medieval-style restaurant, this takes it a step farther than Medieval Times and serves up real recipes from the medieval time period. Note that this is a strict zone, so no phones or cameras are allowed.

Lesage, West Virginia

Hillbilly Hotdogs

Rather than fight the stereotype, this unique dining facility embraces it. The restaurant looks like a run down shack of a place, with junk on the walls, license plates, and various household items. They offer The Widowmaker, a 30 inch hot dog that weighs about six pounds, including the toppings. If you'd rather something smaller, there's the Homewrecker at 15 inches. Anyone who eats it in less than 12 minutes gets a free t-shirt, and if you beat the current record, it's free. If you're more of a burger person, they have a 30lb burger. Not to worry; they also serve normal-sized food.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Safe House

What's the password? If you can't find it, you'll be asked to complete a spy mission before entering (such as waddling like a penguin, hula-hooping, or interrogating stuffed animals). The silliness disappears as you enter a room full of sliding bookcases, vanishing chairs (be careful where you sit!) and a scavenger hunt while you wait. There's even a safe, if you can crack it.

Meeteetse, Wyoming

Meeteetse Chocolatier

If you love chocolate, you must visit this place featuring some of the most unique chocolates on the planet. The origin is unique as well. taken from the website, "In June of 2004, my mother suggested that I make a bunch of truffles and brownies to sell during the Cody Stampede as a way to raise money for a new bronc saddle. I said Absolutely Not! My mom finally talked me into getting a booth at Art in the Park, and that was that." Try some of the unique flavors, like prickly pear cactus or sage, or custom order your own.

What a sweet ending to our list! What a wonderful country we live in. Have you eaten at one of these places? Know one we missed? Think we should share places around the world? Let us know!

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