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More Amazing Trucker Stories


Thank you to those who sent in submissions! We laughed at some, were creeped out by many, and chose these to share with you. Last blog on this subject, we shared barking men and leaf tarantulas. Here comes round two!

Our first story is cute. A man arrived back after a trip and found that a cat had slipped into the trailer at some point. Unable to find if it had an owner (it showed signs of not having one) the cat now had a new home, and the trucker had a new pet.

A tired trucker was driving and didn't notice power lines were down across the road and live. A fast-thinking police officer saw him coming and did a cool movie drive/spin in front of the truck, causing the driver to stop as quickly as possible, avoiding the danger.

A trucker loved to travel with his pet monkey. One day he pulled in to a stop and someone had their big dog out. The dog began barking at the monkey, really bothering him. The trucker opened his window just enough to ask the man to make his dog stop. The man decided to be a jerk and refused. They exchanged words, with the trucker warning him to make the dog stop, he was bothering the monkey. If the dog didn't stop, he threatened, he would let his monkey loose. The man removed the leash from his dog, who promptly ran up to the truck and continued to bark. The trucker reached in somewhere and produced a small, monkey-sized bat. He lowered his window, and the monkey demonstrated that he had obviously done this before. He launched himself onto the dog, just behind the head where the dog couldn't reach. He grabbed hold with three limbs and with the fourth, began beating the dog in the face with the bat so hard, it could be heard across the parking lot. The dog yelped and took off, but was unable to escape the monkey on his back.

One trucker reported driving down the road when he was passed by a couple in a car. Not unusual. They were leaning out the car to see the road more clearly. Why? Because, for some reason, there was a doghouse attached to the hood of their car.

A trucker was driving in the rain and couldn't believe her eyes. Her passenger verified it, so she pulled over. On the concrete median, a man was dressed as a jester. He walked, balancing on the median, and then began doing tricks, such as cartwheels and handstands.

A quote from one person who was touched by some truck drivers. " I was in a pretty bad car accident on my way to college. My grandparents drove me, since my parents were working and I had way too much shit to take on a plane. We were driving on I-80 in Pennsylvania. I was asleep in the back seat, so I'm not exactly sure what happened. We think my grandmother had a minor stroke while driving. In any case, we swerved off the road, rolled over a few times and smashed up the car (and ourselves) pretty good. Thankfully, no other cars were involved. I have always wanted to say thank you to the truckers who helped us that day. 3 guys from 3 different trucks ran over to assist. One gave my grandfather a handkerchief to staunch the bleeding on his face. Another sat next to my trapped grandmother and held her hand until help arrived. Another guy hung out close to me as I sat in the grass in a daze, staring at my fucked-up knee. I remember that the two of us watched all of my earthly possessions as they rolled and scattered on the highway. Anyway, my grandparents and I went to the hospital and now we're all a-ok. The best thing those truckers did? Those dudes picked up ALL of my colored pencils from the road. All of them. They were all scratched up and had road grit in them, but those guys took the time to give me back a part of my life. Unbelievable guys. I will always have complete respect for them. "

We all have respect for our truck drivers and truly appreciate the work they do. From all of us at On Time Capital, thank you for keeping our countries running! We don't take you for granted.

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