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July Construction

Street paving

Since you drive a lot and it's summer, you know it means construction season! We couldn't possibly post a list of everywhere that's doing construction. We might as well just post a map of the entire United States! Instead, we thought we would mention the major construction zones, the ones that are more than your average summer construction occurrences.

First, severe thunderstorms brought heavy rains in mid-June, resulting in flooding that damaged the north, so they have had to do a lot of emergency repairs. This includes Wisconsin counties of Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, and Iron, which was given $1 million in emergency relief funds.

“The flooding has caused significant damage to roads and bridges in northwestern Wisconsin, and this funding will help the state make repairs as quickly as possible,” said Acting Federal Highway Administrator Brandye L. Hendrickson. “It represents a down payment to help restore vital transportation links.”

The first goal will be to restore essential traffic flows, especially on US Highway 2, US Highway 53, and State Highway 35. As they restore the necessary roads and bridges, they will be assessing the damage to other areas and estimating how much more will be needed to finish the emergency repairs. The Federal Highway Administration intends to continue to help out financially.

Michigan also had massive flooding during the same time frame, in Gogebic, Houghton, and Menominee Counties, which are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

“The Upper Peninsula of Michigan experienced considerable damage to roads and bridges as the result of heavy rainfall and flooding that these quick release funds will help address,” said Acting Federal Highway Administrator Brandye L. Hendrickson. “The funding represents the first installment of funds to the state to ensure all necessary repairs are completed as quickly as possible.”

The damage was more severe in Michigan than it was in Wisconsin, resulting in $2 million in emergency relief funds, and Sault Ste. Marie will use $650,000 to add in sidewalks and pathways to help reduce pedestrian incidents.

Arizona: The Navajo Nation received $693,000 for all seven of the Navajo Nation's police districts.

Florida: Route 1403/10 received $395,328.

South Dakota: BIA Route 29 received $767,818 to make miles of improvements.

These improvements are vital to our nation. The latest data from the Federal Highway Administration shows that a record amount of freight is moving this year. 60% of the national's total volume, or 30 million tons, and 70% of the total freight value, or roughly $34 billion. From their website, "The highway system remains the most-used mode of transport for freight by tonnage and value of goods moved."

We here at On Time Capital understand traffic can be obnoxious and inconvenient, but we genuinely appreciate all the people who ensure our streets stay safe and our travels are smooth, including law enforcement, construction workers, and surveyors.

If there is a major construction zone you'd like your fellow truckers to be made aware of, let us know! We'll share it, and we're happy to give you credit for it.

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