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Interviews Gone Wrong

Since we here at On Time Capital started helping staffing companies grow their businesses, we asked friends of ours in the recruiting agency to to recommend a first blog post and they suggested interview stories gone wrong. Some of the ones they've heard from being in the industry so long were nearly unbelievable. We've certainly never experienced anything like these!

If you have one you'd like to share or would like to be a guest blogger, let us know!

1. Someone once arrived for an interview in their pajamas. They then apologized for oversleeping. (We'd rather reschedule the interview!)

2. One applicant gave three references to call. When they were called, however, they all turned out to be the applicant affecting fake accents. He would sometimes forget which person he was supposed to be or which accent he wanted to use. (We wonder which accents.)

3. When asked why he would want to work for the company, one man stated nothing but contempt toward the company, employees, and their products. (Why did he apply there, then?)

4. When a hiring manager was attempting to schedule an interview, the applicant answered the phone, obviously on drugs. He said unless the company would pay him in marijuana or tacos, he wasn't interested and should not be bothered again. He then promptly hung up before the hiring manager could respond. (We don't do drugs, but is being paid in tacos a thing? Can we have some tacos?)

5. A man strut into the interview room wearing a full suit, a fur coat, a hat, a cane, and quite a bit of jewelry. He declared that he was dressed for the real job he wanted. If it would help, he was willing to "pimp slap" the interviewer. (We wonder, does he always dress like that? What does he wear for Halloween?)

6. One applicant stood in the waiting area arguing with employees and a client. He even swore. When the interviewer came out and attempted to address it, he denied that anything had happened. (We wonder, did he wave his hand like a Jedi mind trick?)

7. A young woman arrived for her interview with her mother. Her mother did not speak English, but the daughter requested she be interviewed as well. (How do you begin to handle such a situation?)

8. On the way to work, a recruiter was abruptly cut off by a man who flipped his middle finger, honked, and swore. The recruiter arrived safely. He walked into the waiting area and found that same man waiting for an interview. They looked at each other for a moment, and the man left. (At least he didn't try to deny it, like that other guy. Perhaps the Force was not with him.)

9. An interview went really well until references were requested. The applicant was ready and supplied them, but there were a few catches, which the applicant provided. "Well, the first one is my parole officer. The second is my buddy, but he’s still in jail, so you may not reach him. The third is my drug dealer." (We hope he meant former drug dealer)

10. Lastly, we have a more positive story. This man seemed perfect: well spoken, dressed and carried himself professionally, and gave the right answer to every question -- had he been interviewing with the competition. Apparently, he had been contact by rival companies and scheduled interviews at both, but he got the dates mixed up. (We probably would have hired him anyway. No sense letting the competition get someone that otherwise seemed perfect.)

Wow! We have a newfound respect for interviewers everywhere. This makes us appreciate our great team (and Greg, who was wise enough to hire them).


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