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Interviewers Gone Wrong


Since we did Interviews gone wrong, we thought we would do the other side and share stories we've heard about interviewers who probably should not be. If you have a story, we'd love to hear it! Email us here.

One poor candidate went in for an interview, which went fine until the fire alarm went off. The candidate attempted to leave, but the interviewer assured him it was just a drill and wanted to ignore it. They continued on until it became glaringly obvious it was not a drill. The building was on fire.

A woman was nervous, going back to work for the first time since her kids were born. The woman interviewing her, however, put her at ease. The two clicked, and they chatted for quite some time. Just before the interview ended, the interviewer suddenly went off on a rant and shared a horrifying story of her husband stabbing her in the back - literally. She offered to show the candidate her scar. The woman decided not to take a position there. As she left, she heard the interviewer start repeating the story to clients who had been waiting outside of her office.

One interview went really well, but they had reached the lunch hour. Rather than postpone for another day, the interviewer offered to treat the potential employee to lunch so that they could continue. Taking it as a good sign, the man accepted. On the way, they were pulled over by police. The interviewer was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and driving while under the influence. After some questioning, the other man was released. He decided not to be employed there.

A direct quote from a story shared with us. "I went to an interview and was given a real-life problem to work out. I did my best, determined to show my best work. She looked it over and said it looked amazing, and I would hear from them soon. A few days later, I got called in and ended up doing the same thing. I felt uneasy, but since I couldn't pinpoint why, I let it go and did what she asked. Again, she said it looked amazing, and I would be hearing from them soon. The third time I got invited in, I finally realized they were having interviewers do their work for them. I left negative feedback and found others were doing the same. It's a small community; they quickly went out of business."

Lastly (for today, anyway. We'll see how many stories we get from y'all) one potential employee was flown out for an interview -- or so he thought. It turns out, the company combined the interview opportunity with obtaining more people for their Harlem Shake video.

Wow! I couldn't imagine one of us acting like that. We would love to hear some positive stories! What are the best interviews you've attended or heard of? Let us know!

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