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10 Interview Mistakes

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Job interviews are stressful, but if you cannot perform well under that pressure, it speaks volumes to potential employers. Here are some common mistakes to look out for.

1. Admitting to being nervous. This goes back to the stress issue. If one of you cannot handle the situation, they should not be in it.

2. Arriving late. Yes, we all have issues that come up that are unavoidable, but this could be the moment that makes their career. If they were unable to arrive on time, this is a sign that they don't view this as incredibly important. In a highly competitive world, this could be a decision maker.

3. Asking about benefits. If it is not mentioned by the interviewer, it is impolite to bring it up and makes it seems as though the applicant is only interested in what they can get out of the job and not what they can provide.

4. Attire. We would suggest that no one would dare show up to work in their pajamas, but we were informed that would not be true. Instead, we'll say to keep an eye out for the small things: sneakers with a business suit, mismatched socks or jewelry, and any stains. If they cannot put effort ensuring that their attire is perfect, something that should occur every day, how likely are they to ensure that their work will be perfect?

5. Complaining. The more someone complains, the shorter the interview should be. Many of us have had a bad employment experience, but an interview is the time to sell, not complain about another company.

6. Countering themselves. The most confident of sentences loses its appeal when someone ads, "or something," "just kidding," or something similar. Lack of confidence is never a desired trait.

7. Distractions. If they're discussing needing to keep the interview short, check their phone, or keep looking out the window, this is someone who is not interested or focused and should not be working there.

8. No questions. Nothing, not even a clarification? The applicant either isn't paying attention or does not seem to care. Either way, not someone that should likely be hired.

9. Showing ignorance about a company. Anyone who agrees to an interview but is not informed about it is not someone that should be hired. Ideally, they should show more than the surface information, such as referencing an older blog or social media post.

10. Willing to do anything. Everyone should have a desire and a goal in life. Those who lack focus "will do anything." That could also mean jump ship when a better opportunity comes along.

What are some interview mistakes you've seen or done? Let us know in the comments below!


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