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Fascinating Places to Eat, Pt 4

Eating outside

As promised, here is part four of our series, where we explore fascinating places to eat in the United States, alphabetically by state.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns Lunchroom

Arguably not a restaurant since no cooking is allowed, you can still bring your own food or purchase snacks and sandwiches to eat in this magnificent, underground wonder of the United States.

New York, New York

Ninja New York

Based on a ninja village, the inside of the restaurant is labyrinth-like. The waitstaff -- I mean, ninjas -- will amaze you with their acrobatics. Ninja souvenirs are available for purchase. It also has the most beautiful restrooms, something not commonly said of restaurants.

The lovely men in black lurking behind me also want me to convey that the food is amazing. Also, tip your ninj-- I mean, waiters.

Asheville, North Carolina

Double D's

So far, we've shared places you could eat in a bus and an airplane. Now we share this real Double Decker bus. It used to drive around Asheville, but now it's a coffeehouse and sells desserts. We're told to get the scones.

Stanley, North Dakota

Whirl-a-Whip Soda Fountain

We love old-fashioned ice cream, but this is definitely unique. We wonder if it was created by a pregnant woman. Why? Because here, you'll find flavors unavailable anywhere else, like pickle. It's located in an old-fashioned drug store, Dakota Drug. The ice cream is made with real milk, right there, and it mixes in whatever you like, even more normal things, like candy or Oreo bits.

Lebanon, Ohio

Golden Lamb (Black Horse Tavern)

One of the most famous places you can eat, it was made famous by those who have stayed there, including Harriet Beecher Stowe and various US presidents.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Anchor Down

We've seen a lot of vehicles re-purposed into restaurants, but this is something new. It's a series of bright red shipping containers. Good news is, you should see it! We're not positive if it's possible, but they claim to have gourmet hot dogs. If you try it, let us know!

Winston, Oregon

Noah's Ark Restaurant

Yes, you read that right. This restaurant has a Noah's ark theme. The building is shaped like the ark and is surrounded by "animals." It's run by an incredibly sweet older lady who will welcome you like family.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Catacombs

Located underground, this unique restaurant offers ghost tours. Part of a network of businesses within the same historic building, it features an escape room, and a wide variety of murder mystery dinners are also available.

Newport, Rhode Island

The White Horse Tavern

The oldest restaurant in the United States and one of the oldest in the world.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Pirates Voyage

Arr, matey! This pirate-themed restaurant is family-friendly with dinner and a show, including mermaids and sword-swinging pirates. Did we mention it's a Dolly Parrrrrton Company?

That wraps up part four, which is probably the most unusual so far. What's been your favorite? Have you tried any or know one not on our list? Let us know! Next week, we'll finish up this series with South Dakota to Wyoming. With our list including pirates, ninjas, and zombies, from tree tops to ocean views to underground, planes, trains, and automobiles, it's hard to imagine what else could be out there. The United States has some truly amazing places!

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