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Fascinating Places to Eat Part 3

Eating outside

Concord, Masschusetts

Fife and Drum

One of the big issues facing people who serve jail time is the lack of employment opportunities when they leave. The Northeast Correctional Center seeks to change that. This restaurant is operated completely by inmates seeking to improve themselves. It's only open for lunch and from Tuesday through Friday. Meals are more affordable than many fast food places, if you don't mind the extra security.

Williamston, Michigan

Willowicke Inn

A cute little bed and breakfast where you can eat your breakfast with llamas. Fire pits, hot tub, and a pool, plus an old-fashioned country breakfast. With llamas. No word yet on if any of the llamas is named Kuzco.

Kansas City, Missouri

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

If you love trains, this is the place for you! Railroad themed and your food comes delivered on a toy train and lowered onto your table. So cute!

Bozeman, Montana

Cateye Cafe

Anyone can enjoy this cat-themed cafe, but fans of xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicles in particular will get a delight out of this place, and you'll recognize the sign outside of their building. If the cat theme isn't enough, the list of rules is certainly unique, including "Being annoying is prohibited (open to our interpretation, staff excluded)," "If you’re smoking in here you’d better be on fire. Expect extinguishing!" and, our personal favorite, "50 cents off to anyone who wears their own Cateye glasses throughout their entire meal. No lenses required. Add a cowboy hat for 50 more cents."

Omaha, Nebraska

Brother Sebastian's Steak House & Winery

This restaurant certainly deserves a place on our list. It's theme? A monastery, complete with stained glass windows and servers dressed as monks.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Heart Attack Grill

We're a big fan of eating healthy, but that doesn't mean we can't be fascinated by certain restaurants. As seen on the television show Fluffy Breaks Even, this place does everything to the extreme. You won't find anything close to healthy there, including diet soda. Ironically, the place has a hospital theme. Taken from their website, 'Customers are referred to as "patients," orders as "prescriptions," and the waitresses as "nurses." All those who weigh over 350 pounds are invited to unlimited free food provided they weigh themselves on an electronic cattle scale affront a cheering restaurant crowd.' The names of their food also fits in with the hospital theme. Warning: "patients" who don't finish their food are subjected to a paddling.

Meredith, New Hampshire

Griddle in the Middle

It's highly unusual to go to a restaurant to do your own cooking, but that's the case here. Geared toward families, kids (or adults) can cook their own pancakes with their desired toppings, such as marshmallows and M&Ms. Don't worry; they also cook for you.

Clinton, New Jersey

Clinton Station Diner

Home of the Mount Olympus, the 50 pound burger. You're allowed to have up to four friends join you to finish it within three hours. If you can do it, it's free! If that's too much, you can try the Zeus, the 7 pound burger in three hours by yourself or 1 1/2 hours with a friend. There's also the Atlas, the three pound burger which you can eat in two hours by yourself or 45 minutes with a friend. If burgers aren't your thing, you can enjoy a wide variety from seafood to ribs.

That wraps up this edition! Check in next week when we cover New Mexico to South Carolina. Where's your favorite place to eat? Let us know!

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