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We recently were made aware of a man who has done some great things while driving his truck around. One day while driving through a snowstorm, he saw a car in a ditch with occupants inside. He stopped his truck and rescued the family from freezing to death. They stayed in his truck until help arrived. Another time, he witnessed an accident between two other trucks. While one driver was fine, the other one was not going to make it. This man stayed with him until the end. His family took comfort in knowing that although he passed, he wasn't alone.

This story got us thinking, what other great stories are out there? We see so much negativity on social media and in the news, and we're a positive group of people! Here are some great stories of employees who went above and beyond what was required of them.

A woman's flight was grounded due to fog. The airline offered to refund or book her on another flight, but she had a connecting flight she wanted to make. The airline worked in the background to see if they could do anything to help. They ended up obtaining a small plane and finding a fog-free patch. She was able to make her flight after all.

A man at a fast food restaurant noticed a man in a wheelchair was struggling. He seemed to have trouble moving his arms. As he was considering this, a cashier shut down his register and washed his hands before putting on gloves. He sat down with the man and offered to help him cut and eat his food. the man was thankful, and the two finished the meal in silence before the cashier went back to work. He didn't say a word to anyone about it, but the man who witnessed it all made sure this great story went viral.

A family experienced a devastating loss of the mother. She and her son had been incredibly close, and he took the loss hard. She used to call him "my little monkey." His father took sound recordings of the mother and went to Build-a-Bear. They helped him create the sound insert for a stuffed monkey, with the mother saying phrases like "I love you so much," along with the sound of a beating heart. You can see the video by clicking here. Warning: bring tissues.

Another video to cause some tears: a young man's father was an officer, killed in the line of duty. Desperate to have something of his that he could keep with him, he thought to purchase his father's police car in an auction. Unfortunately, he was outbid. He handled it well, but he was crushed... until this stranger walked up to him and gave him the keys. You can see that video by clicking here.

Our last story for this post is about a son who left his favorite stuffed animal at a hotel (as someone who has done this, my heart aches for him, and I wish my story was the same). His father called the hotel, and they agreed to mail it back. Trying to explain his forgetting it to his son, the father blurted out that the toy, Joshie, wanted to stay a little longer at the hotel. The hotel jumped on the idea, and posted pictures of Joshie at the pool, the spa, and even created a staff ID card for him. They packaged it all and sent them -- and Joshie -- to the delighted little boy.

We love stories like this! Do you have an employee who went above and beyond? we want to hear it!


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