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10 Songs for Truckers

country road

We've done a lot of great songs, from pop to classic rock to Disney. For this list, we decided to shift (Pun #1) from uplifting songs and focus on a list that was geared (har har) toward truckers.

1. First is arguably our favorite on this list: Alabama's Roll on 18 Wheeler. We truly appreciate that truckers keep America running, and we're grateful for the sacrifices truckers make. Thank you.

2. 3 Doors Down - Here Without You. There's a lot of country songs on this, and there are some heathens who don't like country, so we decided to include a couple for them (kidding!). While this song isn't specifically about trucking, it is about leaving the ones you love and missing them.

3. Not all these songs are about truckers. Dan Seal's song Big Wheels in the Moonlight is about growing up in a small town wishing he could be a trucker. He ends up married with children, and while he doesn't regret them, he still wishes he had been a trucker for a while and seen the world.

4. A Goofy Movie - The Open Road. We *ahem* couldn't find a legal copy of this on YouTube, so there isn't a link here. It's a cute movie and worth a watch! In this song, Goofy and his son Max sing about leaving their problems behind and enjoying being on the open road... well, Goofy is. Max wants to go home.

5. Grateful Dead - Truckin'. The title kind of sums up the song.

6. James Aldean - Asphalt Cowboy. With us being in Texas, we're kind of partial to this one, even if it's a little sad. The song is about a trucker who doesn't want to leave his girl and just wants to be home with her instead of out on the lonely road.

7. Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere (man). True story. Although it's kind of odd that it's Johnny Cash telling the trucker that he's been everywhere, instead of Johnny Cash being the trucker. Truckers have seen stuff, man. No lie, when he sings, "Texarkana," we cheer.

8. Next is another country tune. This one is by Kathy Mattea - Eighteen Wheels and Dozen Roses. She sings about Charlie the trucker on his last run. After thirty years, he's finally retiring, and he and his wife are planning to travel the country together, seeing the places he saw alone, rediscovering each other, and making up for lost time.

9. The Proclaimers - 500 Miles. This is one of those songs that seemingly everyone knows, but if you haven't heard it yet, welcome to the club. Here's the chorus for you to belt out with the rest of us: "Well I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man that walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door." Basically, the song is about how everything they (it's two men singing. They look like brothers) do is for the one they love.

10. Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway. We know they're not the original singers, but we do love this version! Maybe it's because most of us are parents and hear it on the Pixar movie Cars. (How great is the line, "Mack? I ain't no Mack' I'm a Peterbilt for dang's sake!" Nearly busted a gut laughing at the trucking joke snuck in there.) We suppose if the song had been written nowadays, it would be, "Life is a highway, I wanna drive it all night long, but the ELD mandate won't let me."

We're going to put these on their own playlist for y'all. Let us know if there are songs you think should have made this list. Which is your favorite? Let us know that, too!

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