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10 Positive Songs, Kid Edition

Smiling kids in a huddle

Wow! This has become a bit of a series with the responses we've been getting. One of the comments we keep hearing are, "I love that it's family friendly. Why isn't Let it Go on there?" Well, how about an edition devoted to kids? You don't have to be a kid to love these great songs, but we know most of you have families, so here we go!

1. Let it Go - Frozen. Demi Levato covered it, but we love the original featuring the incomparable Idina Menzel. Nothing against Demi! This song became so big, it was the only Disney song to ever be featured in Rewind YouTube.

2. Hakuna Matata - the Lion King. It means, "No worries for the rest of your days." Literally a song about relaxing and not worrying about a thing.

3. Trolls Medley - Trolls. When you have a group of creatures that celebrate everything they can and does so through song and dance, there's bound to be a song or two you can use for this playlist. It's the only one on this playlist to not be by Disney (we'll work harder on the next one; we promise!) The songs in Trolls lack originality, but instead gives us classics we all know and love. This mashup includes "Move Your Feet," "D.A.N.C.E.," and "It's a Sunshine Day." Even the titles of the songs are positive!

4. You've Got a Friend in Me - Toy Story. You have friends here at On Time Capital (Was that too cheesy to squeeze in here? Oh, who are we kidding. You've probably seen our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts. Hope you're not lactose intolerant, because seriously, it's a lot of cheese.)! Pixar did a great job with a memorable song for their first movie. (Fun fact: one of us can actually quote the entire movie from beginning to end.

5. Almost There - The Princes and the Frog. If you haven't seen the movie, it's about a woman who dreams of opening her own restaurant one day, and she's finally saved up enough money to put money down on the building. She celebrates the fact that she has "climbed a mountain and I've crossed a river and I'm almost there." Tell us that doesn't speak to truckers.

6. Go the Distance - Hercules. While he threw us off with his collaboration with Lonely Island (which, due to the subject matter, we won't link to here in a family-friendly blog. Dude, right in the childhood!), Michael Bolton's amazing voice combined with Disney truly made some magic. This is another song that seems made for truckers. "I know every mile will be worth my while... I'll stay on track, no I won't accept defeat. It's an uphill slope, but I won't lose hope 'till I go the distance and my journey is complete."

7. Once Upon a Time in New York City - Oliver and Company. Choosing just one song from this movie was hard, but we went with this one. Our favorite lyric is, "Keep your dreams alive; dreaming is still how the strong survive." While most of this soundtrack comes from Billy Joel, this one is from the legendary Huey Lewis. The song captures what's like to feel beaten down and like you can't win, but if you keep going, you can do amazing things.

8. Stand Out - A Goofy Movie. A truly underrated film, this song was first lip-synced by Goofy's son in an attempt to get his crush to notice him. "I'm gonna stand out above the crowd even if I've gotta shout out loud. 'Til mine is the only face you'll see gonna stand out 'til you notice me."

9. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella. One of the most classic and iconic Disney songs, it's still used in Disney commercials today. "Have faith in your dreams and someday a rainbow will come shining through."

10. Just Around the River Bend - Pocahontas. A song about making the decision of whether to take the known, well-worn path with a secure future, or venture into the unknown and see what amazing things could be waiting for her. (Note: we do not suggest driving off the highway into some poor farmer's field to see what happens. Jail happens. Don't do that.)

That last song had us thinking, it's about a river, but what about songs about being on the road? Life is a Highway might make the list, and On the Open Road, and... Would you want that list? What are your favorite songs? Let us know! It won't be next week (We've already got something planned) but the week after, if y'all are interested.

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