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Predictions Don't Count

Predicting the rain doesn’t count. Building the ark counts. - Warren Buffett

"I called it!" We have all had a moment when we predicted that a sports team was going to win or that a stock was going to go up, even though it was unlikely according to the popular opinion. While making these predictions gives you a moment of pride, that is pretty much where the benefits end. Unless you "put your money where your mouth is" there isn't much of an advantage to getting any prediction right. Putting the work in and "building the ark" so to speak is what sets apart successful businesses from unsuccessful businesses. A successful business not only knows to look at the clouds and predict the rain, but will also take the necessary actions to prepare for it. An unsuccessful business might predict the rain properly, but won't do anything to prepare.

At Find My Factor we understand that predicting the future of your cash flow can be difficult. Don't leave it to chance, take action and find the best factoring company to help you streamline cash flow today.

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