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Valerie Martinez

Jiali Brady

Avela Chief Operating Officer (Houston)


Years of living in both Chinese and Western Cultures provides Ms. Brady with skills she employs everyday for Avela. As she puts it, “I know both thinking styles and expectations so I know how to bridge the gap and bring both sides onto the same page for agreement. It’s not something that can be learned from books or online tutorials. It’s a result of years of living in both cultures.”

As chief operating officer, Ms. Brady provides day-to-day leadership and management from the Houston office. Starting in 2011, her years with the company are supported by earlier import and sourcing experience in China. Results driven, she employs problem solving and creative thinking skills to her work, ensuring the smoothness, efficiency and quality of operations and projects. “It’s not a cookie cutter job and it requires a lot of skill sets. It pushes me to grow as the company grows.”

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